81. unnamed

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Name: unnamed
Class: anchorite
Known as:
Gender: female
Date: 1249
Summary: bridge-anchorite?
Location: Exeter bridge
Details: \\\"Soon after [Exeter] bridge was finished a troublesome situation arose. We are told in a legal record dated 1249 that a certain female hermit had shut herself up \\\'on the bridge of Exe\\\' and was obstructing traffic. Carts could not get by, to the grave damage of the city\\\'s trade. We do not know what kind of structure this thoughtless female had shut herself in to cause all this annoyance, but whatever it was the city authorities were very patient. They had complained to the justices five years earlier, and nothing had been done.\\\"
Reference: W. G. Hoskins, Two Thousand Years in Exeter, rev. ed. (Chichester, 2004), pp. 35-6. No reference given.

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