42. John of Wells

Status: Confidence high | public | active | approved
Name: John of Wells
Known as: \'an unmarried man\'
Gender: male
Date: 9 Oct 1452
Summary: record of profession
Details: The bishop, immediately before celebrating mass in his chapel in the manor of [Wooky], ratified and approved the following profession made by a certain John of Wellis, an unmarried man, who desired to lead a hermit\'s life, serving his Creaetor in perpetual chastity, to wit:- ‘I, John of Wellis, not wedded, promytte and avowe to God and Our Lady Seynt Mary and to al the Seyntes of Hevyne the ful purpose of perpetual chastite after the rule of Seynt Poule the heremite, in presence of yow, ryght reverent fader in God Thomas, by the grace of God bisship of Bathe and of Wellis. In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti, Amen.’ He delivered to the bishop the schedule whereon the above protestation was written, marked with the sign of the cross, because he could not write, and thereupon the bishop, after completion of the solemnities requisite in such cases, with his own hands invested him with a habit suitable to the estate of hermit. Witness list
Reference: Bishop Bekynton\'s Register I (Somerset Rec Soc 49 (1934)), p. 190.
Noted: Jones, \'Hermits and Anchorites in Historical Context\', p. 14.
Listed: not in Clay

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