41. William Brown of Henley

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Name: William Brown of Henley
Class: hermit
Known as:
Gender: male
Evidence: documentary
Date: 22 May 1529
Summary: profession according to the order of St. Paul.
Location: Henley (?)
Details: Commission from John Longland Bishop of Lincoln to Robert King, Abbot of Thame and titular Bishop of Rheon, to receive the profession as a hermit (professionem heremiticam) of William Brown of Henley, according to the order of St. Paul.
Reference: Lincolnshire Archives DIOC/REG/26, Episcopal Register XXVI, fol. 169v. LINK? <a href=\\\"http://culturalcollections.lincolnshire.gov.uk/kbroker/lincs/archives/search.ladv?sr=0&cs=ISO-8859-1&sc=lincs&sp_scope=&sm=0&nh=10&ha=2957&tx0=805782&fl0=__dsid:&tx1=&fl1=category&raction=view\\\">link</a>
Listed: Jones, \\\'Hermits and Anchorites of Oxfordshire\\\', no. 9

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