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Funded by a grant from the British Academy.

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Eddie Jones took over the revision of Hermits and Anchorites in 1997. He has published lists of solitaries in Oxfordshire (Oxoniensia 63 (1998), 51-77) and Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Huntingdonshire (in an essay in Christina of Markyate, ed. Samuel Fanous and Henrietta Leyser (2005)), as well as numerous interpretative studies. Other local studies are in preparation.

But it also became apparent that a digital version of the project would open up many new possibilities.

  • It would answer to the open-ended nature of the data — no matter how systematically we have looked, a ‘new’ hermit or anchorite is always liable to crop up just when we think it is safe to send a manuscript to press
  • It would allow much more thorough and flexible searching of the data than Clay's tabulated lists of solitaries, and escape some of their strait-jacketing of often rather ‘fuzzy’ data
  • It would enable a much broader community of researchers to engage with the project and contribute data to it


Phase 1: 2009-10

Funding from the British Academy allowed us to establish a pilot version of the database and website. Data for two counties, Devon and Oxfordshire, was collected and uploaded, together with records from selected other sources.

The people involved with this phase of the project were:

  • Eddie Jones — director
  • Gary Stringer — software developer
  • James Brice — software developer
  • Carrie Smith — research assistant


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