'Rycharde Rolle hermyte of Hampull in his contemplacyons of the drede and loue of god'
[1506] (STC 21259).

By permission of the British Library. Image published with permission of ProQuest. Further reproduction is prohibited without permission.

Richard Rolle, Hermit of Hampole

Hermits and Anchorites is a project to bring together all the information that survives about the religious solitaries of medieval England.

It draws upon, and will eventually supersede, the work of Rotha Mary Clay, whose Hermits and Anchorites of England was published in 1914.

It contains records of hermits and anchorites of a variety of kinds: documentary, visual, place-name evidence, and traditions both medieval and modern. Users are also invited to supplement the data given here, and to become contributors to the database themselves.

The project is run by Eddie Jones of the University of Exeter.

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